Tracking work assigned to remote staff who don't, and won't, have Karbon access

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I’ve got remote bookkeepers (subcontractors) who do not have direct contact with the client.  I need a way to track who I’ve assigned the work to without adding them as users. Thoughts?


Best answer by Terri Warren 26 July 2022, 21:15

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Hi Nancy!

One option you have is to assign client requests to the remote contractors and use automators to switch the assignee of the work from your in-house staff to a placeholder staff account (you can add non-billed accounts to Karbon by inviting non-existing email accounts that never accept the invite).

Your client success manager (CSM) might also be able to help.

Does that help at all?

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Great suggestion @max to make that work you’ll possibly have to utilize an email address that differs from the email extension. Otherwise it might not send as it may read it as an internal email address. Working with your Karbon CSM would help to test this.

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Another option would be to create an internal fake “colleague” with a made up email address, assign the work to that fake colleague to track exactly which contractor you are working with and who’s work is outstanding.This and other options would take some finesse but your request is doable.

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@Terri Warren  - I did that but when I try and sort Work by assignee, it’s showing the work I assigned to the sub under me and I can’t filter for the sub.  I’m sure I’m just missing a quick something…



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Are you assigning the work item to the Sub and not just the tasks?  If the work item is still assigned to you, you will not be able to filter by the assignee.