Timesheet - "Q1-Auto Lock on Daily", and "Q2-Filling up timesheet after completion of each WORK."

  • 16 March 2023
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Q1: In Karbon, being an organization, we provide the access to all our staff to fill up their DAILY TIMESHEET at the end of the day, which helps us to identify how many hours are worked by each staff. Further, at current they are having access to the timesheet for the PREVIOUS DAY, so it’s been noticed that they are filling up the timesheet just before the month's end for SALARY purposes (instead of daily), so IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET an “AUTO LOCK” TIMESHEET ON a “DAILY BASIS” SO THEY CAN HAVE HABIT TO FILLUP TIMESHEET ON DAILY BASIS BEFORE THEY LEFT HOME? IN THIS CASE, THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO ADD TIMESHEET FOR  THE PREVIOUS ANY DAY, THEY HAVE TO APPROACH TO THEIR REPORTING MANAGER TO GET ENTERED OR ELSE WILL BE COUNT AS LEAVE FOR THAT DAY.


Q2: in Karbon, is it possible that as and when any staff is changing the status of any WORK to COMPLETED or sending for further REVIEW of WORK, then does Karbon have a system to “AUTO REMIND” users to add their TIMESHEET for completed work on the spot? Then it will be easy for staff and management for routine workflow management.


If you have any article or video on the above 2 questions then it would be great for me, if KARBON doesn’t have such a system, then could you please consider this as a SUGGESTION to develop this further?


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Hi @Sandip Suthar, welcome to the Karbon community! 😊

Those are both great questions. As of right now, there is nothing in place with Karbon to auto lock timesheets or to auto remind staff to add their time.

If you put in a feature idea, comment the link here and I will vote for it. 😀

What we have done at our firm is push the use of timers as the standard way to enter time for staff. Staff can always go back and edit or add time later, but the best way to get really accurate time is to use the timer.

I’m not sure if that’s helpful or not. Others here might have great ways to deal with this, so I’m curious to see what others write.

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@Sandip Suthar Great questions and I’d definitely vote for the feature request too if you make one!

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@Sandip Suthar do you have approvals setup for your timesheets? This would at least “lock” them weekly.

What do you mean by “filling up the timesheet for salary purposes”?

  • If they’re adding time they legitimately worked, but aren’t completing their timesheets by your internal due date, then having a weekly approval and follow up process might help with this
    • At our firm, all timesheets must be completed by Monday and approved on Tuesdays. By the time I do an export on Wednesday, I should see no incomplete/unapproved timesheets (except for absences). We track this and report on it monthly by team, and we have about 97% of the team being approved on time.
  • If they’re adding time they didn’t even work then I think you have bigger issues which won’t be solved by Karbon adding a daily submission/approval/lock feature (i.e. what’s to stop them bumping up their timesheet on a daily basis).

Your second point about a prompt when marking work as complete or changing work status to add time if the timer wasn’t on is a useful suggestion - please add a feature as Max suggested so we can vote on it (paste a link to it here too!).