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  • 3 January 2024
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When I drag work from my week to my calendar, the time zone used appears to be EST.  That’s great for me, however, in Outlook it shows as Coordinated Universal time. If I edit that task in Outlook, I have to aware of this or it will shows in an odd time slot.  Anyway to assure the time is always EST?

3 replies

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Hi @Bill Metz,

Great pickup!

I used to have the exact same issue with Pipedrive and the events it would create in my Outlook calendar. Neither Pipedrive nor Microsoft could (or would?) help! Maybe a limitation with Outlook calendar integrations of this type. Annoying though!

@Amelia Freeman do you happen to know about this? 🙂

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Hi @Bill Metz. This is not something that I am aware of but I would guess that it is a limitation on Outlook - we would be sending it in EST. The engineer for this feature is currently out of office but when they return I’ll ask if they are aware of any issues. 

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@Amelia Freeman Issue happens with all my entries as well when I create them from within Karbon. I have to turn the Time Zones function off in Outlook and then move the time of the meeting back to EST.