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  • 28 March 2022
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I’m new to Karbon Time recording, so sorry if this is a basic question. When working on a client, with the timer recording, is it possible to switch to another client - pause the timer on the existing one, and start on the second client. Do the work on the second client, and swap back to the first. Swapping between clients during the course of the day, and confirming all the time at the end of day.

3 replies

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If you press pause, it will stop the time recording and I do this if I take a phone call etc during the day.

Then when I press pause again, it will continue recording the time.

The only other way round is to save the details as you go along and then go back at the end of the day to confirm and update.

Time and Fees is in beta at the moment (so I understand) and this could be a good feature request.

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@Mark Ball, in my experience, I have to stop the timer before going to the next, then restart.  If you change the client in the timer, it will simply update your time item with the most recent client you chose. 

The timer is not only connected to the client, but to the work item too, so time is recorded for the particular work that’s selected.  If you change the client, you also have to select a new work item. 

So, basically you have to be intentional about starting/stopping the timer as you work on different clients and work items. 

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Would something like this help?

If not, write your feedback in the comments. 😀

I don’t love the idea of having multiple timers running/paused in the background. We have had serious time issues in the past because a different platform allowed multiple timers and people ran them simultaneously.