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  • 1 September 2022
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How are your team recording their TOIL of their Karbon timesheets?


I need to devise a system for staff to record their time off in lieu. A system we came up with in our last time recording software was to record negative time to a code. For example, if someone worked one extra hour in a day they log all time that day to a client/work item as usual then they would log ‘-1’ hour to the TOIL code, then, when they wanted to take the time off they would log it to the same code and they could run their own report against this code to track.


We can’t log negative time in Karbon, so I’m wondering what others do? The best I can come up with is for everyone to keep a TOIL note at the bottom of their timesheets each week (e.g. brought forward hours +/- this weeks hours) but it’s a bit of a faff ! Do you have or have you seen any better solutions?


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2 replies

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Hi @Emily Wilson, we had a similar system when we used OfficeTools.

I’m tracking what we call Comp Time (time worked over regular hours added to the staff member’s paid time off balance) through an external system I put together in Power BI.

I’m curious how other people are keeping track of it.

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Our business manager keeps track of everyone's comp time in our payroll system. If your timesheet for the week shows you worked 46 hours, she will add 6 hours to your bank.  When you want to use banked time, you leave a note in that week's timesheet to add hours of comp time. So if that week’s timesheet shows you worked 37 hours, you can ask to have 3 hours added to complete your 40 hours.  We are also allowed to leave a note that the missing time will be made up on the weekend or the following week.