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For those using Karbon billing, do you know why “Actual (time period)” is different from “Actual”. I found if I run a certain period, it’s not the same. 
It seem “Actual” capturing all the time in the work item since work item has been created but “Actual (time period)” only revelant the period you run for?


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Hi @Joy! Can you send a screenshot showing where you see the difference?

Thanks, Max. 


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I don’t use Time and Billing like that, but I think you’re correct that the “Actual” is the work item total and the “Actual (Time Period)” is the amount of time in the selected filters.

Thanks, Max. I am unsure as Karbon Supports could not explain why there is a difference for the past two weeks, so I thought I might give it a try myself. 

I was hoping someone can jump in and confirm my understanding.