Text messaging in Karbon

  • 12 September 2022
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Does anyone have a solution to add text messaging into Karbon?  We would like to see client texts sent to our phones come into the triage just like email and be able to respond via Karbon.

10 replies

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Hi @Jana, who do you use as a phone provider?

I’m considering building a DIY integration with Microsoft Teams and Karbon to add a note template for incoming and outgoing phone calls.

I did some reading on the DialPad API that might work nicely with Karbon’s API to add text messages as notes in Karbon.

Twilio also has a great API that could easily add text messages to Karbon.


I’m considering building a DIY integration with Microsoft Teams and Karbon to add a note template for incoming and outgoing phone calls.

I think an integration with teams in this way sounds amazing!

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@max Hi Max,

I would love to learn more about text message integration with Karbon.  We currently use Crexendo as our phone system and have yet to set up any business text messaging. We need to do this soon as more and more of our clients prefer to text rather than email. In addition, since our communication with clients lives in Karbon, it would be excellent to attach their texts to a work item and timeline.  Thanks for your input.


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I’m working on a few other projects right now. 😕

However, I will circle back to this when I tackle SMS + Karbon.

How does that sound?

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Hi Max!  Thank you!!

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In Australia, we use Messagemedia which can send SMS via email.  We setup a special email address with the client’s mobile phone number (<mobilenumber>  in the Contacts and then just send an email to this special email address.  They can then message back and it appears in Karbon just like a normal email conversation.

Works really well for us.

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We use RingCentral for our phone system, which allows for text messages on the direct lines and also our main line.  In our RingCentral settings, we can toggle a switch to send emails to us any time a text or voicemail comes in.  This works great, because now we have texts and voice message transcriptions in Triage, which can be tagged to the work or client.  

@max Did you ever explore the teams approach with text messaging.  We use YakChat in Teams for texting.  I tried to Zapier but the connector is not as straight forward as I was hoping.  

My current wish list for Karbon:

  1. Note Text messages automatically from Yakchat within the teams channel
  2. I just upgraded Teams premium so we could text message our appointment confirmations and reminders automatically.  But it is using teams platform not YakChat.  I would like our text line to be used across the board.
  3. I would also like our tax organizers to be built into our workflows, with yes/no and key updates. Lacerte Tax organizer is non-fill in, just non ocr pdf.  I tried to convert it using docdown in SmartVault but it is too labor intensive, same with Adobe.  I don’t want to mail this information anymore.  Anyone using lacerte??? that has moved to karbon and created their own organizer an engagement as a work engagement?  Thoughts?  Are others walking away from mailing them?  
  4. Tax engagement - I will integrate with our Tax Organizer approach.  Unless someone has better plan.

I feel like the text side of SMS should already be in Karbon.  I would like the client appointment also under the client record for lookback.  Right now we are manually documenting our client interactions too much.

Anyway, I appreciate your time.



We used to use Senta and you were able to send texts from there which was really useful to ask clients for something urgent or even as them to check their emails. Would Karbon be able to add a feature like this?

We use Yak Chat for text message as it allows us third party verification and a shared inbox.  I had the feature turned on to send email of message.  We now can link to client, BUT… it is not the full conversation just each message as an email.