Template or suggested best practice for internal purchasing requests

  • 11 September 2023
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Does anyone use a Karbon template to manage purchase requests internally through their organization? We are a little loosey goosey right now with our office spending so as I’m looking to tighten that up, it seemed like putting a template in Karbon might be helpful for approval and transparency. Just curious what steps others might have in theirs if they are doing this? Thanks!


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3 replies

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@Megan Roberts Yes, we create templates and work items for internal projects. If it is not on a work item and subsequently on the calendar it does not get done. Even create them for software review, implementation, maintenance contracts, office supplies order, etc.

This allows them to be setup as recurring work items so we do not forget anything.

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Interesting idea 🙂

I would suggest there are better finance-specific applications for this: or would integrate with your firm’s accounting ledger and have approval/budget/financial controls

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Thanks for the feedback! We definitely are working towards minimizing our tech stack rather than expanding it so we’ll make a Karbon template.