Team recruiting and onboarding

  • 10 March 2021
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We have developed a full cycle new hire process within Karbon. For full time employees we have 5 work items that drive the onboarding, training (general and team training), and collaboration with people ops and hiring managers.

We have inserted much of what used to be manual into this process, with videos and full instructional tasks, protected what needed to be protected, and automated much of the repetitive training. This process has allowed the orientation team to foster the “welcome to the team” feel with meetings to get to know them, Q&A, meet the team and a coffee shop/lunch type of conversation instead of the stale chats of HR, software onboarding, etc.

Interested in hearing what other Karbon users have done to incorporate their team onboarding as we are always looking to improve.


2 replies

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I like how you have included training and videos. I have also systematized our onboarding, but did not include training as part of it, so I will start working on that now. I love the idea.

Did you use one monolithic work item for recruiting, onboarding, and training, or do you have them broken out into different work items?

I have our interview process mapped out pretty well in one work item and the onboarding process in a second work item, but I like the idea of keeping everything together in one work item to track an applicant’s progress from applying to fully trained.

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Our process simplified:

Recruiting: To protect the recruiting and agreement details, we have a recruitment work item per potential team member. That external contact is created as a hidden contact only viewable by the recruiting team (created in colleagues). Hiring managers can be brought into conversations but they can’t view the timelines.

Employee onboarding: Once approved for hire above process triggers this workflow of an employee onboarding work item that involves the people that have to prepare technical (software, IT, equipment) items. The client for this work item is a protected private client called (company Team), and this work kicks off the following

Orientation prep: Also on the team private client - this work sends a welcome email with a list of items to complete prior to orientation, details of orientation expectations, and how to locate the orientation once they are in Karbon. (They always forget what I tell them so this is helpful to have ) This work also allows the orientation team to collaborate, kick off internal work the use

Team orientation- I use an internal orientation client to track this for future referencecollaboration with training manager and hiring manager to prepare training schedule

Orientation - I use the internal orientation client to track this for future reference- all onboarding work and information. I even specialized the Karbon training for their role.

Everything driven by start date of employee