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  • 6 January 2022
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We have a template in which we created (modified the 1040 template) a user (Invoicer) to be notified when invoices should be sent.  The Inovicer completes the task but the task is not being marked complete in the template. What are we missing in the setup?

5 replies

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Good morning @JAS !  Could you provide a few more details, so we can better help you?  Is the task for the invoicing, which the Invoicer is assigned to, the last task in the work?  You may just need to add or modify an automator to make this happen. 

Could you send a screenshot of the task expanded so I can see your automation as it is now?  


Here are the two tasks.  Ideally, after the Invoicng task is sent to the Invoicing resource and marked complete, The workflow should be updated as well and advance to the next step (Payment).  Again here, once the Payment task is completed, advance to the next workflow and mark complete.



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Can you assign this template to a work item for a test client and go through the steps and then send a screenshot when you mark off a task and the automators do not fire as you expect?

From what you are saying and what I see in your automators, it should work, so I think there’s something I’m missing.


I re-ran the template today and the task updated as expected.  I’m not sure what happened the first time.  The only difference is that I assigned all of the tasks to myself instead of another team member. 


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I’m glad to hear that it’s working properly for you! 😀