Sureprep Workflow Templates

  • 22 November 2022
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We are adding Sureprep as a tool for this tax season. I was wondering if anyone has/or would like to share a workflow template which incorporates using Sureprep.


1 reply

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Hi @Benjamin Quickmire, welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

We tried out SurePrep last year and decided not to use them this year. I’m curious if you will do better with it than we did.

Our process worked something like this:

  1. Karbon client task requested documents and completed questionnaire
  2. Questionnaire (typeform) requested that the client schedule an appointment with someone from our team to review their questionnaire and submitted documents
  3. Our team would meet with the client, ask any clarifying questions raised by the questionnaire, past documents, and submitted documents
  4. Admin would scan and/or upload submitted documents to SurePrep binder
  5. Wait for recognition to come back
  6. Admin team reviews/verifies the OCR (this is where we had issues. There were so many missed/incomplete/incorrect fields that the person doing the verification really needed to have moderate tax experience in order to recognize what numbers were important/skipped/erroneously added, etc.)
  7. Accountants would pick up the return at the child matching stage, organize files into their proper category, and then complete the return.
  8. A reviewer would review the return

Issues we had:

  • Either our scanner (supported and setup correctly) or the software was not good at recognizing the scanned documents. Almost all of our documents are scanned by us or by our clients. We don’t get many native PDFs.
  • The hyperlinking, tagging, highlighting, etc. are all cool features, but take quite a bit of effort to use properly.
  • The document side-panel was not simple to use, which introduced enough drag that our reviewers were not fully utilizing the review functions.
  • Syncing with our tax software didn’t work for months.
  • Our trainer was new and didn’t know how the software worked

We like the direction and are committed to OCR long-term, so if you figure out how to use it well, please share here. 😀