Sub Categories for Client Tasks?

  • 17 August 2021
  • 9 replies

Is there a way to create sub-tasks on Client Sections? I know it is possible for internal sections but it isn’t working on Client Sections. 

9 replies

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@Kaitlyn Cole only Internal Tasks can have Nested Tasks. Currently, Client Tasks do not support the Nested structure. Have put a feature request in for you, but in the future, feel free to submit that in Karbon from the Help & Feedback menu item on the main navigation.

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I have requested this feature in the past. Hopefully it’s in the works…. :fingers_crossed:

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@Jamie Jorgenstone  our engineering team has started to spend dedicated time for each development sprint cycle (e.g. every three weeks) to focus on tackling many of these smaller feature requests. As such, you will start seeing some highly requested smaller features come into Karbon like this one. The identification and tackling of these are more in the moment, so I can’t comment on when this specific one will get addressed, but we are making strides positively to get more and more of the Community’s requested features into the product as fast as possible. So keep the feedback coming!

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@Ian Vacin Thanks for the update and the continued effort to better the platform! Looking forward to it!

I could really used nested tasks or subtasks for clients. Right now I need a client to choose from 3 pay options for a contractor paid on biweekly pay runs. This feature would get good use!

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@Linda noted. I have reached out to the product team as a friendly reminder on the feature request.

Any update on this feature request, definitely would be useful

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@Ian Vacin is there a Feature Idea in Karbon Community you could link us to here? 🙂

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Not sure if there was an existing request, but here’s new one that’s been created, for anyone else who comes across this thread!