Staff Absences

  • 26 August 2020
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How do others manage staff absences in Karbon ? 

Often these may be unexpected and with NO visibility over Triage of that staff member  - I find it hard to manage emails or re direct to other team members 

3 replies

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Currently (for vacation and what-not) we have just been forwarding, or setting up an auto-reply, in the email host server. We are on Office365. It all flows through Karbon’s triage very nicely for whoever is on the receiving end of things.

However, I/we have not yet found a perfect way to manage the Triage for the person on leave. For various other triage notifications that may not come through as a regular email.

I wonder if a triage forwarding option is something that may be possible?


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We have explored the concept of assigning your Triage to another person when out on vacation (not really possible per se on someone calling in ill). The thinking is to support a situation when someone is out and also when, in larger firms, there is an Admin that deals with the Partners email. By this method, you would have two Triage’s on your main menu by which to float between. This is something that we would like to explore further, but that is something not planned for development in the near term due to other higher priorities that many of you have expressed.


For many firms, forwarding the email is a good option. Remember that if you have email sharing on, at least those client communications will be on the contact timeline if you need to check on a specific client if anything has happened or been communicated.

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For unexpected team vacancies and long term absences, I have reset the password for emails (gmail) or with admin access (outlook), forwarded them to one person.

If you are trying to spread the wealth on the client load, that becomes a little difficult. You have to send it to one person (project lead or manager) and they disperse or manage the communications to the team on the timeline.

It’s best for security reasons, to forward to the management level at least due to any non-client communications that may come through. 

The email sharing feature is great, but when you are nervous about dropping a ball in the transitions, front line view of the emails is important.