Sorting Contacts based on Services

  • 28 March 2023
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I added specific services that our company provides to each client under their Contact, Details tab, Accounting Details section on the scroll down, Basics tab and then in the Services section. Is there any way to select one of those services, then download a list of every contact that has that service in that section? 

Someone said they create a group of contacts for each service and can download from there. Brilliant solution but it means I have to reverse engineer that after I have already entered the information once. I’ll do it if I have to but was hoping not to loose the work already done.



1 reply

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Hi @Kathleen M. Belk, welcome to the Karbon community!

Unfortunately, the account details section isn’t very usable. The only way to access the information is through the API, which isn’t a bad option, but it takes some expertise or outside help.