Simple Custom App - Any firms offering this service? - Looking to have some work done.

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Our firm has a client where paint sub-contractors paint apartment units. The general contractor gets the bill from the subs and forwards that to us, we take the information and key it into QBO and our client’s vendor portal for invoice payment.

I would like a little app that receives the information from the painters and spits out an import file for QBO and an import file for the vendor portal.

Has anyone done something like this? Do you have this capability in-house or have you worked with a contractor to get something like this up and running?

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@max this is a cool idea.  I don’t have an actual solution for you, but we are toying with Microsoft Power Automate to possible build an RPA bot to automate some very mundane manual tasks in QB desktop for a client.  Very early stages, but perhaps Power Automate might work for what you are looking at?

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I’ve looked into it a little. I would like to avoid reinventing the wheel if someone has a platform or expertise in this already… but it looks like I’ll be building it form scratch, lol.