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  • 30 November 2021
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Looking for a solution to email clients for reasons not part of a workflow.  i run into situations that i need to notify clients for some reason or another.  Most of the time is wrapped around a work type.  An example would be that need to email payroll clients in New York about upcoming min wage increase.  Right now I’m exporting the entire contact list and workflow separately. i then i use a formula to match the client code in both files to pulling the email address.  The process always takes me about a hour to send an email.  

4 replies

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@Christopher T Raines 

Make sure I understand correctly. You are wanting to send an email campaign to a segmented list of  clients, correct? Or in other words one templated email to a segmented list of clients? For example the segment would be "Payroll Clents in New York"

If that is the question, there are two possible ways to segment the client list in Karbon. 

1) Client Type

Each contact created in Karbon can be assigned a Client Type. So you could setup a specific client type for "Payroll Clents in New York." However, you can currently only assign 1 client type to each contact. Meaning, you would NOT be able to assign 2 separate types of: (1) Payroll and (2) New York Employees. So client type is generally better for a more broad category segment like S-Corporation entity, etc.

2) Client Group

You can setup unlimited amounts of client groups, and can be veryspecific. When adding a new contact, you have opportunity to setup a Client Group too. The example here would be creating Client Group specifically labeled "New York Payroll Clents" then add all Members to this group that fit the criteria of the group.

This really just answers part 1 of your question which is maintaining the clientbase segments similar to a CRM.

Part 2 of your question is more about the email delivery and distribution. Let me know if part 1 is helpful and I can continue with part 2.


Thank you @Gary Wood .  The assumption on item #1 and #2 would require a known reason for the email when you are setting up the clients. I’m looking for Karbon to make leap to expand the work view options to include contact information.  That way i can filter the work with emails and then it’s an easy export then cut and paste.  Given all of the the tax changes in the last 2 years and the Covid relief loans / credits we  have experienced the need to send one off emails more routinely.  

In both of your examples above how do you send bulk emails?

The funny thing is that today the need is to email all of my CT passthrough entities… 


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We use MailChimp software for bulk email distributions to segments of our client base. Unfortunately, for the time being, it's a separate siloed database to maintain. However in today's zoom session of Office Hours we talked about hacks for maintenance of these databases. Watch for the recorded video of Office Hours to post in the coming days and it may provide some good context to this topic.

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@Gary Wood where do I find a copy of this Office Hours recording? We currently use MailChimp/Hubspot for marketing campaigns/bulk emails, but the contact list is independent of our Karbon contact list (and also independent again from our Practice Ignition billing contact list!). Finding a way to link the three is becoming pretty important!