Sending automated client request to Outbox

  • 7 September 2022
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Hi, is there a way to make automatically generated client task emails stay in Outbox before they are sent to clients?

E.g., if I want to review the emails before sending or if need to attach files.


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3 replies

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Hi @Elena Bytch 


I don’t see that as an option, but you could add a section to the work order - before the client tasks section to trigger the review that you want to do.

Once you have reviewed and made any changes to the client tasks you could then send the email immediately or complete that first section and let the automatic send take over.

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Hi @Victoria Peters ,

It’s more to do with being able to attach documents. For example, we attach copies of draft tax return along with other relevant documents when we send tax queries.

Other than that, I want to be able to remove links to the portal if I don’t want my clients to upload documents to the portal and prefer them to email them to me instaed. Or, if there is no checklist as such but I still want to automate my emails.

And finally, I want to be able to change formatting before sending the emails.


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Hmmm, I think you have some feature requests in there @Elena Bytch .

We have kept things pretty simple when it comes to client tasks in Karbon, supplementing with other tools like FileRequestPro and RightSignature for situations you are describing.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!