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  • 27 March 2023
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In the accounting details of each client, it lists the industry. So for instance, I put in Brewery for some of them. 

Now, if I get an email that affects all my brewery clients - how do I find them? I went to the organization contacts and searched brewery and it didn’t pull up anyone that had that listed in the industry. 

7 replies

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Hi @David Sadowsky! We add this information in the Client Groups in the details section of the contact. Then we can search the groups and see all members in that group. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing a way to populate the info from the “industry” field in the Accounting Details. 

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That’s a great question! I think there are plans for more advanced CRM capabilities, the shell of which are available in Karbon now (the industry field, for instance). The field also does not show up in any exported contact files.

You are able to access the accounting details using the API. You would use this in Python:

import requests
url = "{your_contact_key}"
headers = {
'Accept': 'application/json',
'Authorization': 'Bearer {your_bearer_token}'
'AccessKey': '{your_access_key}
response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data=payload)

Not especially helpful, I’m sure. But there is at least one way to use it.

You may be able to use Webhooks and a handler to feed this information into MailChimp or similar database system.

@Automation n Stuff might be a good person to talk to if you’re interested in that direction.

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@David Sadowsky

Another option would be to Post a Note on each Client timeline with the information. Notes are able to be searched. A little extra work as you need to do it for each client.

Alternatively, @Kim Clemmer had a great idea. If you created a Brewery Group and added each Client to the Group then your search would return the Group and you could add the note to the Group Timeline which I believe would add it to all of the Group members.

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@David Sadowsky didn’t you mention using Hubspot in your previous thread? If that is the originator of your contact information you should be able to pull it from there.

As @max mentioned a lot of the contact details that are ‘deeper’ in the contact profile aren’t openly searchable.

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For those using Client Groups, does this affect anything with your Time Sheets/QBTimes? 

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I don’t think client groups come into play as long as the work is on the actual client and not the client group, but maybe I’m missing something.

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@David Sadowsky Do not believe so. We have Client Groups identified as the Contact Type ‘Contact’. This does not allow us to post time to the Client Group because this Contact Type has not been setup for Time posting. Sure it could be setup that way if there was a need.