Saving things in Karbon

  • 23 May 2023
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Hi, I was wondering what’s the best way to save documents for a client? Should I be using Karbon and Google drive or can all the info be saved to Karbon in one place? I noticed you can attach documents to a client’s work item but after the work item is complete are those documents archived?

5 replies

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@Kendra Mottl If the document is attached to the Work, it will stay there until it is removed.  What I think would be better is to take advantage of Karbon’s new Document Management System (DMS), which adds the ability to integrate with Google Drive, Sharepoint, etc.  This would probably be easier to work with then having to go back and find a completed Work.

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@BrooksW I don’t think the Karbon DMS has the option to connect to Google Drive yet unfortunately

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@Rebecca Williams You’re right!  I was going off memory and that proved faulty.  The current integrations are with Dropbox and Sharepoint/OneDrive:

@Rebecca Williams I noticed that. Google drives is supposed to be added next though, so I’ll just have to be patient.  

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If it is an important document that is needed often for a client, you can upload documents to the contact’s detail page. It is located down towards the bottom of the page - recent documents. 


We use this spot for things like entity maps.  This shows us how all a client’s businesses are related and what tax form they use, when they were created, if another company owns them, etc.  This information is accessed by multiple people and is handy to have in Karbon on the contact.