Role and task types

  • 11 September 2021
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When it comes to time charging against a specific work, the role available for selection in the drop down list should be limited to the role pre-set in the work. Same concept should be applied to the task types as well when charge the time to a work. 

This way will save time of staff to select from a long list with irelevant items, and most importantly, it will prevent staffs from mistakenly selecting wrong role etc.

3 replies

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Hi Mike! I really like that idea and would use it myself when it’s available.

Have you put in a suggestion through the tab on the left on your Karbon home screen?

I can vouch that the Karbon team takes that feedback seriously and works it into their timeline based on the amount of feedback that comes through. That’s the best way to get feedback to the team. Some of the Karbon people troll the community, but this is mostly a place for users to share best practices and ask questions and work through things together. I don’t think ideas from the community get on the roadmap from the community as quickly as they do from the feedback dialog.

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Just wanted to push this up to get attention for improvement in the near roadmap of development. 

I believed this feature is desperately needed by all accounting firms who are still doing time charge.


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I am posted a feature request but hasn’t seem to get any attention from development team. Hopefully, this feature is not something difficult to develop and implement.