reviewd financial statement templartes

  • 26 January 2024
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Does any have a template they use to perform a review? Or do you scael back an audit template?

3 replies

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Hi @ercook31,

We have one Work template Annual Compliance, which we use for preparation of financial statements and tax return.

This includes all steps from setting up the Work item, sending client requests (queries) to the client, preparing the financial statements and tax return, review of both and packaging up and sending to the client.

I’d suggest having a section for “Review” and adding the tasks/steps/checklists you want reviewers to follow, in there.

Ours is very lean in that section.

Does that help? 🙂

it is a bit more as we are have more standards to follow preparing a review engagement.  Not quite as many as an audit but still a fair amount.

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Okay, then I’d suggest fleshing out a decent Review section in your Annual Compliance (or similar) Work template 🙂