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  • 29 October 2021
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Hi all, 

How can you see all repeating work that has been created in Karbon?


4 replies

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Go to work > All Work > add filter for repeat frequency and select whichever frequency you’re checking

You can setup the rest of the view to your liking and even export to excel for summarization by tapping here:


If you want to see only repeating work at the client level, go to their work page and select “Repeating Work”

Does that help?

Thank you, that is great :)

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If you select None, wouldn’t that only show work that is not set to repeat?  You would need to select all the frequencies to see all repeating work items.  Or you can choose one at a time and download them to excel as different tabs.  Daily repeat, weekly repeat, yearly repeat etc.

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@DianeK :face_palm_tone2: You are right.

I took a mental leap to a little process I run where I look at all work that is not on a recurrence to make sure I didn’t miss setting up a recurrence.

I’ll edit.