Repeat Preview seems to be missing

  • 1 September 2022
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Has anyone else noticed that the repeat preview section no longer shows a preview of the repeating name when adding a placeholder to a work naming convention?

Previously, I would see the name of the repeating work item in the repeat preview area when I added a placeholder. If it wasn’t what I wanted, I could adjust it before I create the repeat.  Now, this area remains blank and I have to create the repeat, look at the item’s name to see if it was what I wanted and if not edit to change the placeholder.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

3 replies

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@DianeK I’m not seeing this on my end, but someone on my team recently had an issue with work items not appearing in search.  Karbon Support recommended clearing the browser cache and that solved the issue.  That may be a good first step to try.

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I did notice that, but it was only on one or two.

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@BrooksW Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried that, but it didn’t resolve the issue.

@max  I will have to try setting up repeating work with another template to see if it is just this one affected or if it is all of them.  I’m currently deleting the repeat on work items and updating the work to the template before adding the repeat back on.  We changed the template and updated the due date and start date, thus requiring a delete of the repeat.