Reassigning Work throughout the work cycle

  • 5 October 2022
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Hi everyone

I wanted to ask how others handle re-assigning Works please.

We are changing our workflow so that the Work reassigns using automators once someone completes their section.(based on valued advice from the Community :-)

However, if the last person the work is assigned to is say me and it stays that way once the work is complete, then will the next repeat also be assigned to me, rather than to the first person in the cycle?

Do we need to put in an automator at the beginning of the Work to ensure it is assigned to the right person? Or to do that at the end of the previous Work so that the repeat picks up the right person to start the Work?

Would appreciate your thoughts.





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6 replies

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Hey there! 

In response to “if the last person the work is assigned to is say me and it stays that way once the work is complete, then will the next repeat also be assigned to me, rather than to the first person in the cycle?”


In my experience, when you set up the recurring work item, the work is initially assigned to someone from your team. The work item will recur with whoever is assigned to the recurring work item, so you can change the assignee throughout the work item, and it should not change upcoming work.  It just restarts the template over with the recurring work item settings.

You would actually have to go and change the assignee in the recurring work item settings for it to change the initial assignee in the next cycle of work. 

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ahhh, of course - yes makes perfect sense - appreciate your speedy reply David! cheers

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For the visual learners out there 😉 here’s the place to change the initial assignee of recurring work:


I’d be interested in how many users re assign work as it progresses through stages/ sections.  I thought that was how we’d approach some of the work, but Karbon implementation team actually advised us against it.  Not sure why

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@Stuart Ramsay, it would be interesting to hear how people look at this.

For us, the idea is someone overseeing work items/being responsible to see it through to completion.  In addition, we really only want one point of contact with our clients if at all possible, a client manger type role.  

There are only three of us in our bookkeeping firm, but we are starting out with this mentality so we can scale later on. 

Something to keep in mind, if a work item does get re-assigned or if we choose to do this, when sending client requests, we have found the client request are sent out from the email of the person who the WORK is assigned. 

So, if my team goes into do bookkeeping and finds we are missing items, they create a client request list, and even if they set up and send the list, the email it get sent out by is whoever the WORK is assigned.  So, we have been careful to make sure the work is assigned to the person who has direct contact with the client.  In some cases, especially with new bookkeepers, we have a check in the system here where the client manager actually has to send the list (to make sure nothing goofy gets sent that we really could have handled)

If the automators are set up well throughout the work item to assign specific tasks and person responsible they flow in and out of My Week like a dream.  So the work doesn’t have to be constantly re-assigned, just the tasks inside the work.

As I manage my team, I may be assigned to the work item and they may be assigned to sections/tasks inside the work item.  I go into the ‘work’ views often and oversee my team to make sure nothing is getting dropped (and also occasionally find work items may not be properly flowing into My Week because I didn’t set them up correctly).  Again, we’re a small team, this seems trivial, but if we had more than one client manager, I would want to filter by the clients/tasks I am responsible for as a client manager, to check up on tasks.  It’s easier to filter work items by just me being assigned to the task than trying to select all the team members who may be linked to me.  If there was overlap (where a bookkeeper happened to be working under several client managers), this becomes super helpful. 

So, for me, it would be a scaling issue, and strategically assigning work items to the “owner” of the work (client manager) who is overseeing/communicating with the client from start to finish each month. 

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I have a related question and I’m guessing @max may have a good take on this.

We assign work to different people throughout the progression of the work. With many works, they end up assigned to me and I mark complete.

If I want to extract time data (which we do, since we’re working on budgets for 2023) how do we see how much time is spent on a work by assignee, when the person who did the majority of the work isn’t the assignee when the work is completed?

Note: we tend to work at a work level and not at a task level.

This area of extracting data (as well as Insights and Intelligence) is all very new to me and I imagine this may have already been covered?

Many thanks