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  • 25 April 2023
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I am curious if others do this, utilize Karbon (or something else)…

At one point we compiled a list of client qualities and then ranked clients on that list with a 1-10 point value. We are looking to hopefully “process-ify” this when we are fully using Karbon. We would hope to aggregate the client ranking score by employees who spend the most time on that client. We are trying to hone in on our more “ideal client” design and ensure we are not penalizing good clients by having too many “bad” clients on our books. 

Do you rank clients?

Do you designate client “tiers” in Karbon (via client type, client group, etc.)?

What is your ongoing frequency for this to ensure groups are adjusted properly?


5 replies

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Hi @Megan Roberts, that’s a great question!

We use client types to split clients into basically four tiers:

  • Tier 1 (Clients for whom we do most of our offered services)
  • Tier 2 (Clients who have their own bookkeeper, or who have us do specific things)
  • Tier 3 (Clients who only need us for annual compliance-type work)
  • 1040 Only

I’m curious how other firms handle this. 

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following :)

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Hi Megan,

We use Client Groups to identify our Gold, Silver, and Bronze for the service package purchased by the client, the main difference is due dates so the team knows which clients to prioritize, that is probably the closest we have to processfying the rankings.

The idea is that ALL of these clients are ‘ideal’ based on a ranking we ran through a couple of years ago.  We identified the A and B clients - our ideal to measure all future clients against, C clients that we were generally happy to keep working with and D clients that we parted ways with.  It was a tough exercise but allowed us to focus on the clients who value our services and helped the team know that we had their backs.

We have now merged two firms and will be revisiting this - I will follow this thread for ideas to apply to the new organization.  Thank you!

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We would love to rank based on Platinum, Gold, and Silver rankings. I would also love to see Karbon give us the ability to change the color of the contact (the circle color) to align with these rankings.

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It’s a great idea to have some type of ranking system within Karbon to identify “Top Gun” (term we use internally) clients. In January I sent out the client roster to the leadership team and had them identify such clients. I combined that with billing statistics and we published a roster for all team members to reference within a Microsoft Teams Knowledgebase channel. (We use perfect wiki to publish items like this - how to’s, policies & procedures, industry topics, etc.)