Question for everyone: Have you used the new Time & Budgets feature? If so, what's your experience been like?

  • 11 November 2020
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As many, if not all, of you know we had a release for our Time & Budget feature where you can estimate and track time to jobs and people. 


If you’ve been using the feature, what has your experience with it been like? 

6 replies

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we’ve been using it for 3.5 weeks now 

we all LOVE the way Karbon recommends what work to add time to based on your activity - that is a real game changer

the data download function is super limiting though as the download is only weekly and puts each person’s time on a separate sheet.  i had to record a macro to combine them all into 1 big sheet 

we have stopped using XPM now totally which is a great relief

we have entered our budgets in (with a lot of help from Evan at Karbon) but have not used them for analysis yet as we will need to wait for November to be finished to get the first full months reports

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I did stop using TSheets.  I would like to just use the Karbon built-in time.  A timer feature and rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes option would be great.

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How do you do billing if you don’t use TSheets?

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We've been using Time & Budgets since it rolled out.  It's meant we have stopped using XPM altogether which is brilliant.

I love the time entry suggestions and I love how easy it is to enter time in from a work item or from the time module.

We do find a little frustration in the character limit for the notes though.  Our accountants like to use the time entries as fee narrations and they've been unable to complete their time entry notes as thoroughly as they would like meaning some double-entry in terms of our invoicing process.

Overall, time and budgets has been an excellent addition to Karbon for us though, and we look forward to seeing it evolve.

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Did you also stop using TSheets?


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I’m trying to figure out our best practice for time and billing. It’s the biggest thing I’m evaluating before brining our firm on full time. I am a big fan of timers, which is missing from Karbon.

I would love for any task to have a little button that the person doing the work clicked and it automatically started a timer with that work’s information. There’s a place to put in work/billing codes, and it would be awesome if each task was assigned those values and synced them over to T-Sheets.