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  • 15 June 2023
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Hello, we’re new to Karbon (and I’m new to accounting!) and I’m in the process of setting up Karbon for our firm and having a pratice with the work templates and dummy accounts. There’s a template for management accounts however its on a monthly basis. Do you know if there’s a quarterly option?

6 replies

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Hi @Bec Johnston (great name, BTW!)!

You can edit that same template for Quarterly, just change anywhere it refers to Month with Quarter (or period to be more generic!). This would include in the internal/client tasks, but also the work title and any info in the Details tab. See this article for editing templates.

When you create the repeating work (see this article) you can then specify you want it to be on a quarterly frequency instead of monthly.

You can edit (or even delete) any of the templates that come pre-loaded - they are copies for your firm, you won’t be editing a central template library or anything.

If you’re able to create work from a template but can’t edit the underlying template, you will need to request your user account be set up with Admin access (or have someone in your firm who is already Admin make the change).

thank you so much for coming back to me, super helpful and I’ve managed to do it!

thanks again :)

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@Bec Johnston I tend to update the preloaded templates I don’t *think* I’ll need with a “Z - “ preceeding the template name.  That way, if I ever need them, they’re there for me to tweek to my firm’s use case!

great tip thank you!


Loving the Karbon Community so far :)

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Hi @Bec Johnston 

I am new to Karbon and Accounting as well! I spent the last 10 years in wealth management but it is not the same, haha. Happy to connect on LinkedIn if you want a similarly terrified and excited peer :) 

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Lots of great tips here in the community @Bec Johnston @Megan Roberts .  I’ve been using Karbon for 4yrs and still learn something new every few weeks.  People are super generous with their time and knowledge, so don’t be shy with questions!