QBTime, what does this mean?

  • 31 January 2023
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On this guide for QBTime it says: 

Tracking time against a work item

Time recorded on work items does not track up to the contact level. You record time on the contact or work item, and they are separate totals. You can use the reporting in QuickBooks Time to get a total across both contact and work time entered.


I haven’t connected our QBT yet, but I’m unsure what this actually means? 


In QBTime we record time by customer (we have a flat hourly rate regardless of work type). We want to keep it that way so I was only going to sync contacts, NOT work. Yet, what happens if someone presses the timer in a work item, it won’t get to the contact? 


I was hoping that now that we have Karbon, we could measure our time doing specific work as a way of analyzing our work load and time. So, ideally, in Karbon, we could see our time broken down by work, but in QBTime, just the amount of hours spent on a client. 


1 reply

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Hi @David Sadowsky, that’s a great question. We used QBT synced with Karbon for a while. We did not like QBT and switched to time tracking in Karbon.

We synced time at the work level, and it was a nightmare. I believe if you sync time at the contact level, you can run time reports in Karbon to see time on specific work items while that time syncs over to the contact level in QBT. I could be wrong, but you could test it.

Someone else might be using Karbon <> QBT now and could give you a more recent answer.