Pull a list of clients for specific work

  • 11 October 2022
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How can I pull a list of clients who we did 1099 work for in 2021?

3 replies

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If you have a 1099 work type applied to the work items you used, you could create a work view and export it for the dates you need.


Thanks so much!

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Have you tried creating a custom Dashboard to see this type of work?  Use the filters in the upper left to get to the specific data you would like to see.

Then use the toggles to select how the date is displayed.   You can choose a list view or Kanban. You can also choose to see by date or assignee in this area. You can also save the view for future use.

Once it is filtered to see just the information you need and is displayed how you want, you can download the information. This is located under the toggle feature.

I would be happy to help you set up a Work view after the Tax deadline on Monday.  Message me if you are interested.