Privacy for managers - advice needed!

  • 20 October 2021
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We are going live tomorrow after using Karbon as managers for a few weeks. Our work has been bulk uploaded and the team will be trained tomorrow morning.


I knew that everyone can see one another's to do list (which I would like to restrict ideally), but we’ve just realised that everyone can see each other’s notes and emails too, for example HR issues.


How are you handling this? I assume via work items in hidden clients? Any advice appreciated, please!

6 replies

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For sensitive matters like this, I have a contact set up and have their details hidden so that only the partners here can see this. There are more details here in this link on how to set it up.


It takes some time to have the confidence that this is working - but I link all my 1:2:1 meetings and save them to this contact here. I also have a personal item set up which is hidden - I add things where I’ve accidentally used my work email address or given it out to my children's school for urgent action during working hours etc. No one else can see these and I can still find and access them if needed.



Hi Emily! Welcome to the Karbon community. :)

We have a hidden contact for each staff member. All emails and notes related to the staff member are added to that timeline. If the note is on other timelines that are public, you can remove them.

Karbon is designed for transparent collaboration across the entire firm, so it can take a few extra steps to make private communication private.

Here’s a screenshot of the area where you will remove public timelines.

Does that help at all?


Support Article via @Coral:

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Similar to what others have said, we have organizations set up in Karbon for each of our ‘departments.’ For those that require privacy (Payroll, HR, Legal), the organization is set to private.

As @Coral mentioned, it does take some time to trust that it’s working, but as @max mentioned, you can see who has access and control the timelines to which an item is tagged.

If others are involved in the email thread, it may be helpful to forward to the email to yourself so that you can tag it to a private contact/timeline.

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Thank you so much @jens @max @Coral 


This is really helpful!!!


Do you have any tips on logging time for internal work? :smiley:

We have a contact called Avrio Solutions, LLC (Internal) with the contact type “Internal” and we have a work type “Internal Admin” set to non-billable.

When someone is doing internal work, they book it to Avrio Solutions with the work type Admin. I’m not sure if this is the best way, but it’s worked for us.

Does that help?

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We do exactly the same thing - we have an internal contact called JVCA (our company name) and log all time there - including holidays!