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  • 29 September 2022
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While I see that clients can choose to login to the portal and see all requests. I have several clients who want to see items in a folder structure.  For example, they login and they can click on 2021, see the tasks that were performed and also just files (without having to drill down on requests).  So, let's say I send the client a draft 1040 as a client task asking them to review.  My clients would like to see the tax returns by year when they are in the portal.  2019, 2020 etc.


I know this is much more like a ShareFile structure, but i gotta give the people what they want:)

2 replies

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Hi @Tom Kneeland, I agree with you that the client-side of the new login needs some client-focused love. 😀 I think there are some plans to make it easier to use for clients, but the best thing you can do is put in a feature idea, comment the link here and we can all vote for it. 😀

Does that help at all?

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@Tom Kneeland this would be a useful feature! Especially given 100 completed client tasks could span a couple of years for a few clients. Monthly grouping would work too, based on the month the task was sent.

As Max said, link your feature request here as I’m keen to vote for this too!