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  • 9 August 2023
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I am wondering if there is a feature to add a label to emails so that I can organize them according to specific categories so they do not all get lost in the “clear” area. I know there is the option to add the email to Work orders and Client Portfolios but I am wondering how to organize emails outside of these features. Please let me know 😊

3 replies

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Hi @Nadia Kawalilak, welcome to the Karbon community! 😁

That’s a great question. The idea of tags has been kicked around and is under consideration, but I think the main focus is on the ability to tag work or clients, not emails. One thing you could do is find the feature idea about it and leave feedback there. The Karbon developers are very good about reading that feedback and taking it into account when developing enhancements to the platform.

One thing you could do in the meantime is use ‘Internal’ contacts or client groups to use as tags. Adding emails to these internal timelines group them away from client and work timelines and can be set up to be entirely personal.

I use this when organizing emails, I want to read later, like great blog posts or vendor product updates, etc.

I’m not sure if that helps, lol. I’m curious what other people do in this situation.

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Hey @Nadia Kawalilak nice to see you here!  I set up an internal contact for myself and add work orders to organize my emails.  An email can be assigned to more than one contact so even if it is assigned elsewhere I know where I can find it for myself.

Some examples I have set up as 

Webinar recordings

Newsletters - general

Karbon Practice Excellence

Internal Accouncements

Training material

Like @max said, you can make it totally personal

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Thank you both @Victoria Peters and @max for your great insight. I will have to give that a try.