Onedrive is connected, how can I access them?

  • 19 September 2023
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Settings feature is turned on but does that just mean I can upload docs from there, not access/view them through karbon? 

2 replies

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You can connect One Drive folders directly in client work.

  • You can set-up automatic copied of the Karbon folder to your Drive (great for client documents)
  • You cannot open the one drive folders directly in Karbon but those can be downloaded
  • You will see a list of the documents in the folder in the Document section of the client Work and those can be downloaded from there

I hope this helps!

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HI @Leah Guilfoyle, @Sab_S is correct, no direct access to OneDrive from Karbon. Here is what our procedure is:

  • Connect folder prior to sending any requests,
  • Ensure Copy All files related to this work item is turned on so any new documents received are automatically copied to One Drive, and click save
  • If there are already files in the work item before connecting the folder, then we need to also go to the Karbon Storage tab, select the files we want to copy and then copy these to OneDrive.

I’ve also noticed if a Client Uploads documents with the same name, there are times when all of the files do not copy over. Hope this helps.