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  • 12 January 2024
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Last year, connecting our Tax work items to OneDrive was immensely helpful. However, when I went to do the same thing again this year, I can't get to the folders. Does anyone know if this is an issue on our firm’s end or Karbon’s? I can’t press the “<” button to open the folders, but I have confirmed that OneDrive is still connected to Karbon. 


2 replies

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Hi @Danielle Clark,

If you can’t click it, I’d suggest contacting support 🙂

I hope that helps

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@Danielle Clark I believe that is correct (you cannot click the Left facing carrot). When you setup DMS in Karbon you choose the root OneDrive Folder you want to use, not sure if you masked the name there or not, however it looks like there are no folders available (you should see your folders right under OneDrive. If not, check your Karbon connection to OneDrive and see which directory it is pointing to. If everything looks like it should then a chat with support is probably necessary.

When I go to connect a folder it shows me my Directory, which I can then drill down by folder. Just cannot click the carrot which I believe is accurate.