• 28 October 2022
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How can you get a notification other than actually opening up the software and looking at your triage items?  Like Outlook notifications pop up on your computer when you get an email.

3 replies

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@Sandi Pike By design, Karbon doesn’t do this in order to encourage “deep work.”  That’s why when new emails arrive, you have to click on that blue bar at the top.  It provides greater control over when you see new emails in your Triage.

Here is a Karbon article discussing the topic:

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@Sandi Pike I don’t believe this is possible in the web app - you may be able to setup push notifications in the mobile app but I’m not sure.


Part of the philosophy Karbon is built on is the Inbox-Zero concept where you only check your emails/Triage only 2 or 3 times a day, rather than whenever a new message comes in which can distract from your planned work.


I can see you found this existing feature request, but it doesn’t look like you voted for it! Make sure you click the UPVOTE button as well as commenting.


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The mobile app supports notifications.

I know that’s not exactly what you are looking for 😀 but it may be a step in the right direction.