Non-billable time recording

  • 11 June 2024
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We are planning to set up an internal client to record non-billable time, but we do not want all staff to be able to see other staff’s sensitive time entries such as sick leave etc.  


How do other Practices record non-billable time?

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@Anita Doris I can think of a couple possible options:

  • Have everyone create their own personal client in Karbon and make it private or hidden (e.g. Anita - HR or something) and add their manager(s)/HR to the client team
  • If you’re using a separate HRIS to track the main vacation/sick leave requests and just want it in Karbon for completeness, then a generic Leave work item or contact could be created that everyone uses. If there’s no expectation to include any notes, then it would just track that someone was out of office/not working (which presumably isn’t sensitive, as it’s usually public knowledge when someone is not working!), but no details.
  • You could create different types of “clients” or work items to track non-billable time, depending on how much detail you want, e.g. Internal MeetingsTraining/Prof Dev/CPD etc.