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  • 1 March 2021
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How do I add my clients contacts to Karbon so I can see who they work with and be able to contact them. For example, the insurance agent, banker, CPA, etc. I want to pull up a client and see all related contacts for them. But I have several cleints who use the same people so I want the contact to be able to be on all records for each client.



2 replies

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Hello Shawn,

I played around with this and didn’t find a good way to do this between organizations, but you can do it pretty well with the Individual contact type by adding different contact cards for different roles in different companies.

See my screenshot below, I added a contact card for an external bookkeeper. You can add many contact cards using the same contact information but different companies. The upside is that when you are looking at your client, this external bookkeeper will also show up, so you can see the connection from both ends of the relationship.

I hope that wasn’t confusing, but if it was, comment below and I can answer your questions specifically.



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Thank you so much, appreciate your time and help.