Need tips on how you handle assigning staff to certain Organizations and Work Items

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We currently have our staff assigned to organizations and then work items. We have to go into the organization and invite the staff member to each individual contact that is within that organization. Every time we have to swap a staff member to another organization, we feel like it’s so many steps. Is there a better way to be doing this? When we assign a staff member to the organization, shouldn’t it automatically assign them the contacts as well? There is a teams portion of Karbon that we are not using. Is this something that would accomplish that? 


Any input is greatly appreciated! I am going to watch more videos too but figured the Karbon community is the best place to get the answers we look for! 

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That’s a great question, @Melissa Balletta. I don’t have a great answer, but I’m curious how others handle switching staff.

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Thanks! I am hoping we can get some feedback to this because we are stumped. We currently have to individually assign each contact to the new team member handling their account. I am assuming maybe contact groups would address this but was hoping some organization as already figured this out.

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Interesting question @Melissa Balletta 

We are not great at assigning team members to contacts.  When we set up a new contact we will add the client ‘owner’ and client ‘manager’ (most of the time).  The team members get assigned through the automators but you are right, the list of associated team members gets unruly.  

When we switch staff we have to do it by work order, this is cumbersome when there is repeating work that is already set up.  I find I it takes a few months to catch all the work that needs to be updated.

Adding staff to work orders happens fairly organically.

All staff members involved do not seem to show up on the ‘Client Team’ unless they are added.  I had not noticed that before.

It doesn’t look like it works any differently for Client Groups.

We use the teams set up in Karbon, it is great for dashboards and @mentioning a group of people at once but you cannot assign tasks or work to a team or add a team to an organization.

I think there may be a feature idea or two in what you are looking to do.

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@Melissa Balletta We use teams quite a lot -

  • To easily message multiple people without remembering who specifically needs including!
  • To filter Timesheets/My Week more easily
  • Adding as Other Colleagues to a client team


Being able to bulk add/change would be a great help - this is a pain when people are reassigned. Here’s a few related feature requests you could vote for and add comments to, but please add your own if you have other suggestions of how this could be better managed!


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Thanks everyone! We ultimately have decided to allow everyone to be a standard user so they always have access to all contacts and don’t need to be assigned them if they are taking on a new client. It was the assigning and moving everyone that was making us crazy. Our previous view setting didn’t allow for the team to see ALL contacts so they had to be added to each one.