MyWeek failure

  • 10 January 2022
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I have been trying to implement My Week after successfully using To Do for some time. All I have managed to do is create a secondary Triage of emails that are in no order, not time, not name, not job, not anything in My Week and I have become quite disorganised again. Any tips?


3 replies

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A few tips - it will take a while (or it is on our case) for Karbon to be fully set up and flowing through ‘my week’.


I found that when setting up a job, especially if repeating, make sure that the box is updated - as you can see i missed one here:


Also - when diving in and out jobs - I’ve been checking the planning dates and updating them:


Here you can see a job card where I’ve updated some of the planned time and not others - you now know what I’m off to update. :wink:


But on a positive note, what I’ve noticed is that by updating these, everything beginning to filter and flow through to my week and I can now organise myself and help my team as well.


Does that help?

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I have been noticing the same thing as Coral.  Everything not assigned a week will be sitting in “To Plan.”  It’s important (at least for now) to go through this regularly and move relevant Work and Tasks back to “This Week.”  I’m with Coral in hoping that as My Week becomes more established, the items will flow through more consistently.

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Thank you for your responses.

I am now working on updating all repeating work to be planned.