My Week Working on Now and no Tasks Assigned

  • 4 February 2023
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I am the only individual assigned as the Assignee of work. Colleague’s will have tasks assigned. Once their tasks are complete or reassigned to someone else, the item in My Week for them is moved to Done.

Frustratingly it appears back in their My Week when I or someone else who has tasks starts working on the work item, even when they have no more tasks assigned.

Is this really how My Week is setup to function? It is creating a lot of extra work to identify in their My Week and keep moving it out. New staff are not as familiar with Karbon and it takes a lot of hand holding to ensure they identify there are no tasks assigned to them and that they need to keep moving items out of their My Week to done when there are none assigned.

Thank you in advance.

4 replies

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MyWeek is designed to bring work back into This Week when the work is assigned back to you, so it sounds like form your description that something is amiss. I think support would like to hear about and observe the behavior.

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@LD7E check the work item details tab. Look at the “work team”. 

Anyone on that work team, will see the work in their MyWeek under to plan unless the repeat cycle has indicated to add it to the specific date for start or due dates. 

Check the repeat cycle. At the bottom of those settings, you will see if it will automatically be added to MyWeek for the week it starts or is due. 

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@Terri Warren yes - the work team has caused problems for us too! It’s a pain to find all the places someone needs removing when a team member changes too. The other thing we realized is when we create templates from existing work items, it inherits the team from the work item and adds them to the template, and then whenever we created a piece of work, those people were then added to the team!

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I think this info above would be helpful in this feature idea too. Please Upvote.