My Week "To Plan" 😬

  • 13 February 2022
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Am I the only one thinking I’m finally getting a grip on My Week, then notices there are 218 things in “To Plan” that needed to get done yesterday? 😲 😱 😬 😖 🤬 😔

4 replies

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I feel like it’s getting better! And the satisfaction is real when you get also get a grip on To Plan.

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I had a similar reaction, lol. I was like, “Wow, this is manageable” until I kept scrolling through the tabs and was like, “Oh, there are all my backlogged items”.

My team has really started to use and depend on it, though. We really like My Week.

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@Jeremy Wells  Yes, this is an issue we’ve had, as we are learning we need to choose the planned week each time we set up a work item.  Simple, but sometimes I forget.

The biggest issue we’ve had is with recurring items.  Because the default seems to set up work items to be created 3 months before they start, if I make the adjustment on the recurring template, we don’t see the work item go into My Week by themselves until they start creating new work items.

Which is a bit of a pain… Unfortunately we had to manually go through the Work items… in list view, sorted by date, and one by one manually choose the Planned Week for any “No Week Planned” items until all of our recurring items had a planned week.

After doing this (what seems like 2-3 times just to make sure we got them all), it seems items are flowing into My Week now as the recurring templates set up the new work items.

So, once we got through the initial transition, it seems to be going well. 

Until I forget to plan a week when setting up a work item, lol

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It definitely takes some time to get things set up properly but my team is reporting that they are really liking My Week.  I, myself, am a little behind but working on it.