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  • 9 December 2021
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I’m making a serious effort to familiarize myself with My Week. My team is new to Karbon in general and I juuuust taught them how to manage their To-do, but since that’s getting replaced, I want to tell them to abandon that and get started using My Week ASAP. However...I can’t figure out how to solve a few problems. Two of the issues are actionable Notes and Emails. I encourage my team to be Inbox Zero, so I’ve drilled that they need to put reference info on appropriate Timelines and actionable items in as To-do (if it’s short term, like within the week) or as Work if it’s a long-term or repeat project. So, if a client emails an updated ACH form that needs to be applied to their recurring invoice from us, then that email gets assigned as a To-do item, so I will remember to apply that change in the very near future. Where on Earth would I find that if I don’t have To-do? Also, with To-do I can assign the To-do date for tomorrow if, for example, I know I am slammed with meetings today and it’s Monday, but I know I don’t have until the end of the week to get it done. I’m trying not to panic, but I just can’t figure out how to adapt my workflow to make My Week work for our team. Same with Notes. Sometimes my team will use that to just let me know about Work they need help adding to a client (they are not comfortable managing Karbon on their own just yet). That situation does not merit an email, and we like the Note to see when we added that service to the client. There have to be settings that I’m just not aware of, but I’m not seeing answers in the webinar about My Week either.

6 replies

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Good morning @Megan Sells !  Great questions!

I was never a fan of the To Do list, and am really loving My Week.  Here are some ways that I manage these situations:

In the email and in the Note - assign it as you normally would, with a To Do and Due date.  Then add the email to My Week.  

Then in My Week - use the filters to filter for Due This Week:

Anything that you have set a due date for will appear.  The only downside is you’ll have to click to see the due dates.  You can then also drag these items to the Working on Now section so you have top priority on them.  

Hope this helps some!!


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You can also use the Overdue filter to make sure you didn’t miss anything.  

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Thanks for sharing, Kylene! I made sure I have a Note with both a to-do and due date of today, but I don’t see a “Due This Week” filter in My Week. However, you pointed out something I hadn’t noticed, you can “Plan for This Week” on both the Note and the Email in the right side panel. I never noticed that option before. I was looking for that in the … menu on the top right.



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@Megan Sells The ‘Due This Week’ filter is a smart filter and will only show up if you actually have items in My Week that are Due this Week. If the note you mentioned is added to ‘Plan for this week’ then that filter should show up in My Week and show that note when selected.

Hope that helps.

When I create a Note and assign it to myself not from My Week - such as from a work timeline or from the + menu, I find it does not go into My Week? I have to go and find it in To Do and add it to My Week.  Am I being a bit slow or is that a bug?

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Hi @Megan Plumridge - I don’t think you’re missing anything!

There is a feature request specifically for this issue - go add your vote to it if you haven’t already to help Karbon prioritize the requests.