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  • 22 June 2022
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Hi there!

I’m new here to Karbon Community. I’m trying to figure out how to make a preferred email for a client be set as the default. Meaning, if a client has multiple emails saved in their details tab under their contact card, is there a way to make one email set as default?


I tried playing around with it and it appears that Karbon’s settings are set as the first email you’ve entered in the client’s contact card is set as the default email and not being able to alternate the default email without erasing both the emails and re-entering them. (This is under the assumption that multiple emails are saved under the same contact card)


Does anyone have tips or knowledge for this?



Best answer by Kim Clemmer 22 June 2022, 22:40

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4 replies

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@Karessa Jean  I create separate contact cards for each email address and then star the preferred email, since adding them to the one card defaults the first email and I’ve run in to the same issue as you with reordering them!

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Hi @Karessa Jean. Welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

If @Kim Clemmer’s answer works, would you mark it as the correct answer? It’ll help other people as they come through the community with similar situations.

Thanks! 😀

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@Kim Clemmer Thanks for the feedback! I was wondering if that was the case. I am trying to clean up client’s contact information and ran into some issues in regards to the contact cards and emails. Thanks for your help! This was helpful to verify! 😀

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you’re welcome @Karessa Jean! Happy to help!!