Multiple email addresses in one account

  • 25 January 2023
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Can I have my Karbon account linked to more email addresses than one?

We want to add a central email address.

Is there a way of linking my and accounts so I will receive emails for both accounts in my triage?


Also, when sending emails out, could I pick which account I want it to be sent from?

4 replies

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Yes, this is possible. There are a couple ways to do it:

  • If you are the only one receiving the payroll emails:
    • Add as an alias in your MS or Google admin dashboard
    • You should start receiving the emails in your triage immediately
    • Contact Karbon support and tell them you have an alias you’d like to include as a send from
  • If you want a team (works best in MS365, but there are complicated ways to get it to work in Google)
    • Create a group in M365 dashboard with the email
    • Add yourself and whomever else as a member
    • Allow emails from outside the group
    • In outlook online, go to the shared mailbox and check the box to follow group in your inbox (this flows mail to your inbox = triage)
    • Contact Karbon to ask them to add the email as a send from address to whomever needs it

I’m going from memory, so some of the steps may be out of order, and you might find a shared mailbox works better than a group, but I think groups are better (we’re currently running both setups, lol).

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We use Google and have team aliases (like that forward emails to several individuals. Everyone on the team alias receives the email in their triage and can see the responses when we reply all. 

We also have those aliases set up as a ‘send from’ option as @max described.

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Nice! It sounds like you figured out something easier than what I have set up, lol. In a different scenario (not Karbon) we use Google and have groups set up to forward emails to the group members. It’s a similar concept to the M365 system, but the setup is different.

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Thanks for the responses and sorry for my delayed response. 

Went with Max’s method. Wanted to wait to respond as we are having IT trouble at the moment and wanted to comment once it’s all set up properly and working.