Moving work backwards in a template

  • 23 August 2023
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Is it possible to move the work backwards in a template? We are a tax firm and sometimes when it gets to the preparer they discover they need one more document and instead of having the work sit at them while they wait for the client to respond ( which could be weeks ) they would like to move it to me so I can reach out to the client, but we can’t move it backwards without having to reset the automators .Has anyone figured out a way to do this or suggestions on how we can fix our problem?

3 replies

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We need to do this sometimes. Unfortunately, no work around for automators - we just manually change the status back to the previous one (or a special “client blocker: other” status if it’s not a scenario we have a status for!), and then once it’s resolved manually change the status back.

We do have an internal requirement that this “client blocker: other” status needs to have a timeline note added explaining what it is that we’re missing/when we need it by etc. and if it’s something we will need regularly (basically all our work repeats at least monthly), we will build that request into our process.

It would be great if there was some automation we could take advantage of here - you could create a feature request and link here - I’ll vote for it!

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We have a similar status under Waiting:

It goes here while it’s with the Client, then back to an In Progress status once answered (but could go back to Waiting Client Queries if more came up):

Change in Status is manual (we have a few automators set up on some work templates, but not all and not optimised), not ideal, but for the most part it works okay 🙂

It may be helpful to add in a new “section” with new “automators” posting to where you need the work to move too within the firm. Then you can add a new task for the documentation and assign it to the correct role/person. That way you know once the documentation has been received because the new automator will post the work order back to you once they have closed the task off. 🙂