Move colleagues planned week from personal My Week?

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Is it possible to move the planned week for colleagues when moving the work in my personal My Week? When looking at the details page for the Work itself I can edit the planned week for all involved but it would be great to be able to do this when I am moving in the My Week view also.

If this is not already an option, would this be something others would like to be able to do? Or just me? To give an idea, the planned week is set as the Week of Start date, so ALL involved have this as their planned week. But some will not need t look at or do any work until 1 or 2 weeks after the start date. Would love the Admin Team to be able to change this in a centralized view for all colleagues to help with scheduling work.

Example of moving planned week from Work details tab. Would be great if something like this was an option in My Week, unless I have missed something?




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@CBC-Office I would use this and I am sure my team would.  There are a few feature requests to make My Week even better - if you add this one I will be sure to vote for it!

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I recommend adding this as a feature request! I’m certain there are other firms that would benefit from this capability within MyWeek. 

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@CBC-Office in addition to what @Victoria Peters and @Ashley Rhoden commented, here’s a couple of related feature requests you might want to vote for.

If you create a request for your question/idea, paste it here so we can vote for that one too!

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Hope this works to link the feature request 🤞