Modifying an existing automated email in Client Task

  • 12 April 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I’m sure this is easy, but as a new Karbon user, who the Karbon Academy designates an “Expert”, I cannot find a way to get an email, that is a template in a Client Task, to be permanently changed.  Someone last year put the phrase, ‘2021 business tax return...” and each time I have to go in and remove 2021...EACH time!  Can someone give me a “how-to”?

Thank you for this!


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6 replies

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@Deidre Magee-Reyes  Any chance the new work item has already had its tasks and budget created? This is the only thing I can think of that would keep the old email text if you have changed it. Once changed, it will remain changed unless the next work item has already had the tasks created.

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Are you scheduling this email to “auto-send”? If so, did you select “this and all instances” when you made the change?

Did you check the work template and make the change on the work template? Make sure you publish the changes!

Hi and thank you to both of you who responded.  I am new to this company, Karbon, templates, automation, and tasks which have already been created and I am simply using them to process tax returns in the CRM.  I only seek to modify this one automated template email.  I’m not even sure if I am using the correct wording!  I appreciate whatever you can convey.

The Client Task is for Review of the Tax Return.  I Externally Comment to the point person with my own message where I also attach a Filing Copy for them to review.  I “Post” and then to send the task, I click on “Client Request” and go through the steps where I can “Edit Email”.  That’s the email that is “fixed” in its language that I have to manually modify to take out 2021.  Once I Edit the Email I click “Next” and then set up the reminders, then I send it.  My External Comments and the Template Email which I believe has a link to a portal are then sent.

I hope this level of detail will better help you to help me!

Thanks again!

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@Deidre Magee-Reyes that sounds like the email template is setup in your “work templates”.

Click work from the menu and then select templates. Find the template for the work and make the change to the email from the template as if you were changing it to send to the client. 

Thank you!  I’ve asked staff and managers to help me, but get crickets.  😶

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Don’t forget to hit publish once you make the change to the work template. Also, if the work is already setup you are going to have to reset the existing work to the work template for those changes to appear.