Mobile App capabilities?

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Hi...I am wondering if the Mobile app is worth rolling out?  What does it do that is awesome and what is it missing?  Thanks.

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I stopped using it a while ago, opting instead for using Karbon in the mobile browser which I felt worked better (mostly) and has almost full features. The mobile app is basically Triage only (so fine for emails/comments/assigning but nothing on Work or Tasks etc).

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I find using the mobile app useful to read when out and about but I rarely reply from it and log on to my tablet and answer that way!

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Agree! Mobile app is great for just checking triage and leaving comments where necessary on emails, but without being able to access work items or tasks I find it too limited to be truly useful.

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I agree with @Kim Clemmer - I use the mobile app frequently when away from desk to monitor triage.  Commenting is pretty easy, and responding to emails is good too.  That’s pretty much all I use it for, but it’s still powerful for keeping Triage somewhat clean!

On Android, it has been a pretty awful experience with the app.  My boss preferred the app but switched to the browser option, which has now been disabled.

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My boss preferred the app but switched to the browser option, which has now been disabled.

What do you mean it has been disabled? 🙂

In the past she was able to reach the browser version on her Pixel phone in Chrome.  For some reason the option to login to the site is now no longer available.  At least not on her phone, which isn’t more than a year old.

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That’s very strange! It’s certainly not disabled, it could either be a simple issue with their phone, suggest clearing cookies/cache, and if that doesn’t work contact Karbon support (on computer browser)

Oh that is weird.  I’ll attempt that and report back.  Thanks!

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App and browser option still working for me. Might need to delete and reinstall.

App is great for:

  • catching those notifications you can’t really get on the mobile browser or on the computer. 
  • catching up on triage
  • passing those “waiting” times we have when we are out and about by attaching conversations to appropriate work or contacts.

It’s limited in functionality so I actually have both options on my phone for “on the fly” accesses.

What it’s missing: Mark as unread within the app.