Marking Items as Billed if Not Billing in Karbon

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How are you tracking items as billed if you are using a different software for the billing? We use Ignition for billing. I figure out what one-off items I need to bill from Karbon and I would like a way to essentially check those off so that I know they have been billed. I see the option to “remove billing item”, but will that affect any reporting?

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Hi @Marissa Younger,

Good question 🙂

I wouldn’t use “remove from billing” unless you have lots and don’t want to action them all. This just hides the item in billing, rather than marking the time as billed.

You can create an invoice in Karbon, approve it and mark it as exported (we use Export to Xero, our accounting software) which is a better way (but more time consuming than simply removing from billing). This is what we do for work items billed through Ignition or Xero.

Does that help?

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I agree with Sam about marking the invoices as exported.

Even though the two options are QBO and Xero, that relates to the format of the export file. Billing out of a different system, you can still export the Karbon invoices in one of those two formats to mark them as exported within Karbon.