Marking emails as High Importance

  • 12 April 2022
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Is there anyway to do this in karbon as it’s rather annoying not being able to!

Edited to add: This is for client emails - some don’t require client tasks but are still urgent enough to require the flag. The only way I’ve been able to get around this is sending through outlook but copying myself in so it’ll pull through into Karbon too for the client’s timeline.

I’ve submitted this as an idea - 


5 replies

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Hi @Jordan Ramsey! Can you give me an example of how you would use a high-importance email flag?

What we do in our firm is assign the emails to staff with a To-do and due date with the expectation that people complete their work on time. Accountability and follow-up are handled through collogue My Week and To Do list tracking.

We are also diligently trying to stick to a first-in, first-out workflow with tight loops. This leads to low in-process work, which negates the need for work to jump the line.

I don’t know if that’s helpful at all, lol. 😀

Hi @max , thanks for your reply, it’s generally more for client emails, where it doesn’t really warrant a client task with reminders (as some older clients ignore these anyway), but is urgent for them to read.

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Oh!! You want to mark it for outgoing emails. I completely misunderstood.

I have never seen that as an option. I think that idea is a great candidate for a new feature idea. If you add one, link it here and I’ll vote for it.

@max Thank you - I have linked below.


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